About Us

Twizted-Reality has been a private IRC server that's been running ever since mid-2008 with an uptime of 99.98%. The server owner has been running the site for a very long time, and now that everybody has settled in nicely, we're yearning for new people to join our twizted minded friends. A good sense of humour is a recommended, but not a necessity.

We run on only one server at the moment. our server is hosted in the United States, on high-bandwidth lines with a server uptime of 99.99%



JaM-DigiTaL was started in June sometime in 2009 where it was run from a private computers. In September 2010 when we moved our secondary server we were permitted to host a radio station on it. This server however has now closed down, and we are trying to acquire another one. Wish us luck!

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