Here is the MOTD (Message Of The Day) that is currently in operation on the network. Please try and follow this as its there for everyone protection☺

Welcome to Twizted-ReALitY! A place where anythings possible and anything goes. We are undoubtedly the laziest bunch of people in the world but we do eventually get things done!

We are currently still in the making so feel free to contact the netadmin with any suggestions or ideas. We are here for entertainment purposes and dont have many rules, but any rules that are in place are there for everyones own protection and should try to be followed where possible.

    The owners and staff of Twizted-ReALitY cannot and will not be held liable for anything that goes on the network so please leave the FBI CIA MPAA RIAA and any other legal organisation at the door, you are not welcome here and any intrusion on your part will be regarded as trespass.

o get you started here, you'll be shown into our main room, #Twizted-ReALitY, this is the basic starting point for you to explore and wander round, get to know a few people here etc....dont be afraid, we dont bite ....much ;)

    For a list of the rules, type /rules
    For a list of the current rooms on twizted, type /list

    We reserve the right to deny anyone access to Twizted-ReALitY Network at anytime at the discretion of its staff.
    The network and/or its staff are not responsible for any injuries or loss occured as a result of using or attempting to use this network.
    Data transfers (chat & files) are not monitored on this Network. The Network and its staff are not responsible for any damage or loss that may arise from user to user file transfers.
    Any user wishing to advertise any business or organisation must first seek approval from an Twizted-ReALitY staff member.
    Any goverment or copyright agency employee is required to identify him/her self as a goverment or copyright agency employee to any person, persons or program before engaging in any communications.

FireWall Warnings & Open Proxies:
When you connect to Twizted-ReALitY Network, your address will be scanned for known insecure proxies. This process may trigger your firewall to display a intrusion warning. This is harmless to you but it is an important part of keeping this Network trouble free and stable.

For more info on this topic you can start here:

Network Usage:

    The Twizted-Reality Network was created and is maintained as a friendly environment for its users to share their interests with others.
    Anyone found to be intentionlly disturbing this enviroment shall be dealt with.....beware! the wolf bites!
    The type of actions taken against such users will be decided by a staff member.

Botnet or Warbots Note:
    We do not allow botnets!
    Any bots found idling suspiciously in or out of a channel will be banned from the network.
    If you use a collection of entertainment bots like eggdrop on this network you should inform a staff member.

Twizted-Reality Adminstatration List

    NickServ identification - /identify (pass)
    To register your nick, type /msg nickserv register password email
    /msg nickserv help register for further assistence

If you require further help please join #Twizted-HeLp or #Twizted-ReALitY and we will do our best to accommodate

    For a list of channels and their descriptions type /list

Enjoy your stay and be good :)

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